All Saints’ Episcopal School Athletic Department

All Saints’ Episcopal School athletics competes in seventeen different inter-scholastic sports in grades seven through twelve. Our program provides a positive, character-building environment that allows our students to develop their genius within. All Saints’ is a college preparatory school located on an expansive 147-acre campus in Fort Worth, Texas.

What began as a battle cry to motivate greatness and commitment within the All Saints’ Episcopal School football family has grown exponentially into a widely-adopted, cherished school motto.

Protect the Family, or “PTF,” evokes the family values of hard work, compassion, respect, and dedication. This grew to include the entire community here at All Saints’. This Family strives to surround each other with love and protect one another from negative impacts that could hurt or erode our family bonds. Together, we strive each day to learn, grow, and be better for each other and ourselves.

Regardless of our roles, we pledge to demonstrate love and support to others even when it means self-sacrifice. Through protecting our Saints Family, we achieve individual and team successes with support from others. When we believe in PTF, we choose to live as a group that is anchored in mutual respect and compassion. Our All Saints’ football slogan became so much more than motivational words strung together creatively for a season. Today, from Early Childhood, Kindergarten thru 12th grade and beyond, we come together as one and forever believe in “Protect the Family.”

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