Middle School Philosophy

Middle School Programs

Participation, performance and competition in the athletic program will focus on the opportunity for students to develop and exhibit skills to the best of their abilities. Team and individual performance will be developed and recognized. Each student plays each season to fulfill his or her physical education requirement.

Each middle school program helps teach and understand the dynamics of teamwork, to build the basic skills to set the foundation for to achieve mastery, and develop a love of moving through sport and lifetime activity. Participation provides an environment for personal and social growth. The values of good sportsmanship shall be stressed constantly as this is a learning environment. Students shall be challenged to strive for the highest level of excellence for each athlete as they participate and compete. Students shall be given the opportunity to explore the capabilities of their changing physical make-up, with the recognition of the potential for further physical growth


Each All Saints’ student athlete who wishes to participate in athletics is allowed to do so, unless issues with health, safety, supervision, space, resources, or facilities make it unfeasible to do so. In this event, the Athletic department reserves the right to limit, reduce, change and/or add to the number of teams.


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