MS Girls Soccer Recap

With a huge turnout, Girls Soccer was split into two teams. Their seasons were highlighted by wins over Hockaday, Oakridge three times, and FWCD. All Saints’ Women’s Soccer has more talented players on the way!

Blue Team Roster                                      White Team Roster

Caroline Balch ’25                             Megan Babcock ‘2
Bennett Dillard ’24                            Edith Brockway ’24
Mary Kathryn Dillard ’24                Karma Dailey ’24
Sydney Kramer ’24                           Marley Ethington ’25
Ashton Laird ’24                                 Daisy Pulido ’25
Emellia McClinton ’24                      Emma Farmer ’25
Blaine McNutt ’24                               Emma Fuxa ’25
Landry Milliken ’25                          Leah Gittens ’25
Sadie Paul ’24                                    Claire Hatfield ’24
Hattie Poland ’24                             Madison Matthews ’24
Molly Poland ’25                              Melody Miller ’25
 Emily Steuart ’24                             Corinne Richwine ’24
Cambell Wynn ’25                           Morgan Riddle ’24
Grace Yater ’24                                Jacy Sitton ’24
                                                                     Ashley Stock ’25
                                                                 Katherine Thomas ’25
                                                                  Emily Wagner ’24
                                                               Addison Watkins ’24
                                                                  Laurel Williams ’24


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