Episcopal Cup Schedule

Episcopal Cup

Friday September 23, 2022


                        FB  Field                                                                    FH Field

4:00 Casady vs ESD                                                 4:00  SMH vs SSS

*5:00 GIANT group photo/prayer on the FH TURF with all 8 teams*   

5:15  SAS vs ASES                                                     5:15  HH vs EHS                  

6:15  SMH vs ESD                                                     6:15  Casady vs SSS

7:15  HH vs ASES                                                      7:15  SAS vs EHS    


Saturday September 24, 2022


                        FB Field                                                                     FH Field

8:00      SMH vs Casady                                           8:00        SSS vs ESD

9:00      HH vs SAS                                                      9:00        EHS vs ASES          

10:15   4th seeds  (25 min halves)                    10:15      3rd seeds  (25 min halves)

11:30   2nd seeds (25 min halves)                    11:30     Championship (25 min halves)

*teams listed first will wear white*

3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss and 1 bonus point for a shutout

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